Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ryan Seacrest Speaks Out On Pal Nicole Richie

Ryan Seacrest, who has gotten to know Nicole Richie well through his KISS-FM radio show and E! News interviews over the past year, tells PEOPLE that her DUI incident on Dec. 11 worries him.

"I think that anytime you're in a situation like that and it's dangerous, you're worried for the person in that situation and you're also worried for the people around that person," says Seacrest. "The most frightening thing about it is that she was in great danger as well as people on the freeway that night and anytime you see something like that that could result in a massive catastrophe, you worry for anybody that's involved."
But the radio/TV personality is hopeful that Richie will get through her difficult time. "I also know Nicole to be a very sweet, peaceful, charismatic and charming young girl that loves her dog. When she comes in (for an interview with me on KIIS-FM), she's a great mom to her dogs and hopefully she's close to getting to that place again."

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