Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sienna Miller's Sex Scene Worries

Sienna Miller is terrified of what her father will think of the explicit scenes in her new film 'Factory Girl'. The 24-year-old actress - who plays real life 60s 'it' girl Edie Sedgwick in the movie - performs some of the most raunchy scenes ever included in a mainstream film, and was determined to make them as real as possible.

But Sienna even covered her eyes when watching the sequences back because she's dreading the day her father sees them.

She revealed in an interview with Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "We wanted to make it realistic and I watched it thinking, 'Oh my God, my dad's going to see it!' And that was going through my head the whole time.

"But it was relevant to the story in that it's a movie about the 60s, and sex and drugs and rock and roll were a big part of that.

"We didn't want to hold back because it is a real film and it is a gritty film and there were a lot of shocking things and it wouldn't fit in the film if we had an unrealistic sex scene."


Anonymous said...

Wohh, Sienna is HOT there. Mr Skin

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