Sunday, January 21, 2007

Angelina Jolie Slams President Bush!

Yes, that's President Bush back in his fugly days.

Angelina Jolie has hit out at US President George W Bush, accusing him of turning the world against America. Angelina Jolie's reasons are understandable and I can't help but agree! Seriously, who in the world voted for Bush? World peace baby! and trust me I follow politics.

Jolie, who spends much of her time travelling the world helping the poor as an ambassador for the United Nations, insists her work has become harder since Bush was re-elected - because no-one she meets can understand why Americans voted for him.

She says, "When I travel, people feel uncomfortable when I say I'm American. They think it's suspicious that I want to do something positive for them."

"I think they wonder why the American people re-elected a President who is making foreign policy choices that are affecting other countries in a way that we should question."


Anonymous said...

I agree with AJ, she is a good person with great values and caring ways.

BUSH is awful, i would have not voted or voted for anybody else.

He smerks when he announces something serious. He has killed many young people in IRAQ unnessarily. I have family in IRAQ and young families that can barely sleep at night. I have young neices and nephews who know more about Angelina and her family than our 8 year term president.

PS. I was adopted and so was my husband of many years. He was in Korea originally.

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie is indeed a good person who does countless acts of kindness to those in need. However, she should not blame President Bush for foreigners lack of approval toward Americans. President Bush was elected to take care and lead the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, he was not elected to govern the world. If she is so displeased with not being accepted by others due to her American citizenship, then perhaps she should pack her bags and leave the States. That way she will not longer have to be ashamed of her American identity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, tell the first person who posted a comment slaming Bush, she needs to get spell check! Necessarily is spelled this way.

Anonymous said...

i hate bush and my sister(angelina) is right he is the worst peoson that could bee in that house

Anonymous said...

Did she break jennifer aniston's marriage.Is n't that wrong.To all you people stop idolsing celebrities they are just normal human beings.Angela should die like John Lennon.