Friday, January 26, 2007

Colin Farrell Once Tried To Seduce Eileen Atkins ?!?

Veteran British actress Eileen Atkins deeply regrets revealing that Colin Farrell once tried to seduce her. Say no more, that's disgusting. Colin Farrell is so low, more like a pig.

The 72-year-old shocked the world two years ago by speaking about the romantic advances made by Farrell, 42 years her junior, in a hotel room.

But Atkins has since grown so fond of the Miami Vice hunk, she wishes she had remained silent on the issue.

She says, "I felt awful at exposing Colin - I was so upset at appearing to tell tales out of school but Colin was adorable.

"He sent me flowers, came to my first night in America, stood in my dressing room and said, 'I should be so lucky.'

"I'm keeping schtum in future."

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