Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Easy Findings

  1. Halle Berry Is Pregnant (Hollyscoop)
  2. Kevin Federline Tried To Hit On Lindsay Lohan(Poponthepop)
  3. Vanessa Minnillo Drinks Too Much (Popsugar)
  4. MTV's My Super Sweet 16 Trailer (Juicy-News)
  5. Ashlee Simpson's Nipple Slip (Rappy's Gossip)
  6. It's Over For Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake(Popbytes)
  7. Kate Bosworth Is Still Super Skinny(HWbackwash)
  8. Christina Aguilera Hit Stereo (CelebPUKE)
  9. Jessica Alba Sexy Bikini Candid Pictures(FalseIcon)
  10. Ashlee Simpson Has Big Boobs(CollegeHumor)

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