Monday, January 29, 2007

Fast-Food Workers Are Unamused By KFed

Fast-food workers are unamused that the current poster child for ill-gotten wealth, Kevin Federline, is portraying them in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday.

Page Six reports that the Nationwide Insurance spot, in which the Fed-Ex daydreams of being a rapper while taking fry orders, is "demeaning and unpleasant" to restaurant workers everywhere, according to the National Restaurant Association. A Nationwide rep says they didn't mean to offend – they just wanted to do a "humorous take on one person's life," (translation: laugh at K-Fed). Still, a restaurant workers' rep says, "It's a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection." K-Fed working at a drive-thru? We hardly think that inaccurate.

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Anonymous said...

What should he daydream about...the milkshake machine actually working for once? Get over it, how stupid.