Tuesday, January 23, 2007

James Franco Hopes Lindsay Lohan Gets Better

Spider-Man star James Franco has extended his best wishes to troubled Lindsay Lohan, after reportedly rebuffing her romantic advances at Prince's Golden Globe Awards after-party in Los Angeles last week.

Lohan was reportedly reduced to tears on the evening before she checked into a Hollywood rehab facility after Franco rejected her advances.

But Franco tells TV show Access Hollywood he still cares about the Mean Girls star: "We are friends. I hope she gets better."

The two stars filmed a cameo in the romantic comedy The Holiday, after meeting at the Prairie Home Companion premiere in June (2006).

Lohan's representatives have denied reports Franco was a factor in the 20-year-old's decision to seek treatment at the Wonderland Center rehab facility.


Dianna said...

Since Franco is already involved with GF Ahna, why would Lohan even
THINK of making advances towards him?? I think he's handling her situation in a fine manner. He doesn't say much but what he DOES say is sufficient - "We're friends. I hope she gets better."
Nothing more, nothing less. The Gossips will try & blow this all out of proportion but if James keeps his stuff tight, he won't have any problem with it. Lohan will get over it. Everyone moves on...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. She had no business tryin to hook up with him if he has a girl. She's spells trouble for James and I'm glad he made the decision to leave her be, and let he grow up mentally a bit, because she's lackin in the screws department right now.