Monday, January 22, 2007

K-Fed Can Pay His Own Bills Now!

Seriously, I'm starting to like this guy now,especially since Britney is running around like a trailer trash with fugly hair extensions. Spear's soon-to-be ex was dining with his posse Friday night in the VIP section of TAO in Las Vegas.

TMZ spies watched them chow down on Kobe beef and lobster. But here's the amazing part -- K-fed can actually pay the bill himself after scoring a cool half mil for making fun of himself in a Nationwide Insurance spot that will air during the Super Bowl. This loser may have legs after all.


shasha said...

I'm all about The K-Fed. Why is he so appealing now that Brit is such a mess? He even looks almost cute now. What's up with that? Count me in on team Federline

amy reads said...

K-Fed is coming up smelling like roses after all the crap his ex has done. Almost thinking it is a pity he is not still there reining the bitch in.

Anonymous said...

I was at the table next to K-fed, friday at Tao. As far as what I heard... Not only did he expect them to comp his bill but when they wouldn't, he refused to pay and was promptly escorted out. Since I couldn't hear the conversation... I couldn't say for sure but it did look like they had been cut off and it took a very long time to settle up the bill (if it even happened)