Thursday, January 18, 2007

Knight: 'Washington Did Use The 'F' Word'

Gay Grey's Anatomy star TR Knight has labelled castmate Isaiah Washington a liar after speaking out about the actor's 'faggot' slur on US TV. We just seriously can't get enough of the drama!

Washington stunned castmates in the press room at the Golden Globe Awards on Monday night (January 15, 2007) when he grabbed a microphone and insisted he never used the derogatory word on the set, later calling it "vile".

But angry Knight, who was forced to reveal his homosexuality after word spread of Washington's outburst towards him - and his subsequent on-set punch-up with fellow TV surgeon Patrick Dempsey, is keen to set the record straight.

During a taping of Ellen Degeneres' talk show yesterday (January 16, 2007), which will air in the US later today, Knight revealed Washington did use the 'f' word.

The actor said, "He referred to me as a faggot... Everyone heard it... I've never been called that to my face.

"I think, when that happened, something shifted and it became bigger... than myself... I could've just let it slide and not said anything but it became important."

Knight admits he was stunned when Washington used the 'f' word again on Monday night - in an effort to insist he had never used the term.

He adds, "He denied that he said it... I don't know what to say, really, about that... but it's pretty bad."

Knight's pals are on his side - castmate Katherine Heigl fought back angry tears during an interview on US news show Access Hollywood after Washington's Golden Globes gaffe, and hissed, "He needs to just not speak in public. Period."

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