Monday, January 29, 2007

Posh Too Cheap for "Nonsense" Scientology

She might be spending money like her very life depended on it, but there's one thing that's too expensive even for Victoria Beckham: Scientology.

Despite rumors that her friendship with the Tom Cruise Experience was leading Posh and her husband to the controversial religion, Mrs. Beckham, reports Ben Widdicombe, recently told a friend, "There's no way I'd spend any money on that nonsense." Another friend says that it's "completely laughable" that Posh is even being rumored to be joining the clan, particularly because celeb Scientologists are expected to contribute big cash to the cause. And that, it seems, is just too much commitment, even for the free-spending Posh. "Scientology is an expensive religion," says the friend. "Victoria is too cheap to convert."

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