Monday, January 08, 2007

Unique Designer Handbags

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Looking for bargain priced designer handbags? based in the United Kingdom carries new lines of handbags from such designers as Suzy Smith, Jane Shilton, Xude, Moonsus, and several others.

Fashion Shop offers a wide range of hangbags and purses from professional bags to more trendy fashionable bags. They have a unique look and are not mass produced as some bags in the United States. You could spend more time looking fashionable, instead of gawking at all the people with the same bag.

I personally have not heard of many of the brands, since I am from the US. Therefore, I cannot vouch for their popularity in UK. There are certainly not in the US mainstream, but I would reccomend taking a look at what FashionShop offers if your a hangbad fanatic. You might find something you would like. The bags may be appealing to a wide range of ages.

I think they may be in the process of updating their inventory, so you may want to check back for new bags. FashionShop also offers a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories for both women and men.

Overall the website has a professional feel and is easy to navigate.

They offer affordable handbags that range from about $30-$300(£15-£150). Shipping is free for orders over £50 in the UK. FashionShop hangbags are authentic, usually bought directly from the fashion house.


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