Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tara Conner Admits She Used To Be A Druggie

She reminds me of a more Tara Reid except the fact that she can walk a straight line. Anyways, the disgraced beauty queen Tara Conner fesses up to using cocaine – as well as anti-depressants and other drugs – in an interview to air tomorrow.

According to Page Six, Conner will tell Matt Lauer on "Today," "I have done cocaine, yeah," and prescription drugs to boot. "I've tried several different things," says Miss USA, understatedly. People connected with the pageant had told TMZ when we broke the story that one of the big problems with Tara's situation was that her hair follicles had tested positive for cocaine – a much more sensitive test than urinalysis. Since then, allegations and eyewitness accounts of her nose-powdering activities have proliferated.

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