Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Want To Be In Jessica Alba's Next Film?

Fango's New Mexico correspondent Craig W. Chrissinger sent along the following item from an alternative weekly paper in Albuquerque regarding Lionsgate's redux of THE EYE, the ghost chiller that put the directing Pang Brothers on the map:

THE EYE, a remake of the hit [Asian] horror film, will soon be shooting in Albuquerque with Jessica Alba [pictured] in the lead role. Producers are looking for people to play "Shadowy Figures." They want androgynous, slender, younger (20-40) males and females of any ethnicity. There are no lines, but actors will be trained in movement; dancers a plus. You must be willing to shave/wax your entire body and head (bald). This involves partial nudity (i.e., nude-style bodysuit) and you may be flown to Los Angeles to have prostetic fittings special-made to cover body parts. Pay is $700+ per day or $2,500+ per week for selected principal SAG roles. Interested? Who wouldn't be? E-mail photo and contact info along with age, gender, experience and any other pertinent info to: eyecasting@hotmail.com.

Sounds like an opportunity no androgynous, slender fan of horror or Jessica Alba could pass up. The new EYE is being helmed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud of the buzz-building French chiller ILS, a.k.a. THEM (see item below), with release scheduled for December 21.

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