Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Tried To Commit Suicide Recently

- Prescription drugs found in her room included Valium and were all in Howard K. Stern's name

- Anna Nicole tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in her pool. She was found floating facedown by HKS and called for her bodyguard, who is also a paramedic. CPR was administered and she was saved.

- Private nurse called HKS before she called 911. Took him a long time to call back.

- Judge refuses to order emergency DNA test on ANS. Full hearing is set for February 20, for all the motions filed by team Larry. Temporary order is in place for remains of ANS to be preserved pending the Feb. 20th hearing. This means she cannot be buried or cremated until this is settled.

- Team Larry is worried that there will be a "bait & switch" and they want DNA from ANS to prove that the baby that gets tested is indeed Dannielyn.

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