Sunday, February 11, 2007

Britney Spears Wishes She Has Kfed Back

Britney Spears and model Isaac Cohen's brief romance failed because the pop star hadn't moved on from her marriage break-up with Kevin Federline, he explains.

The couple began dating in mid-December after they were introduced by Spears' choreographer, but split at the end of last month citing work commitments.

However, Cohen now claims their relationship was doomed from the start because Spears was still reeling from her November split from husband Kevin Federline.

He says, "I adore Britney and in a different place at a different time we might have stood a chance."

"It was far too soon for her to get involved in a relationship with anyone."

"It was clear she was not over her marriage. The first time she invited me to her home I saw her wedding dress hung on the wall in a glass box. As we made love that night it was like Kevin was in bed beside us. She had not even begun to move on with her life."

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Britney said...

Britney has to learn that kevin is white trash