Thursday, February 15, 2007

Easy Findings

  1. A Guy Tries To Get His Girlfriend To Return A Necklace He Bought Her That Just Went On Sale
  2. A Very Funny Comic Picture "Wishing Well", Click Here
  3. Someone Stupid Paid Paris Hilton $1 Mill To Attend A Ball
  4. Pamela Anderson Turns Down Fashion Designer For Fur Use
  5. It's Disgusting, But Check Out The Celebrity Puke's Match
  6. It Never Ends, Here's Another Grey's Anatomy Fight
  7. Gabrielle Union on "Racheal Ray's" Show , Cooking Anyone?
  8. Jim Carrey Doesn't Believe in Fate? But He's in Love
  9. Pamela Anderson at A Birthday Bash For Kelly Slater
  10. Paris Hilton Wears Obvious Pants, She Needs to be Saved

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