Tuesday, February 06, 2007

JC Chasez on 93.3 KISS FM in Harrisburg, Defends Britney

I don't know why JC is defending britney since they weren't at all close so it makes me wonder what Justin thinks about this.

"She still is [the sweetest, nicest girl], man. She's got a great heart. She's going through something very difficult right now. I don't care who you are, divorces are never easy. [They're] never easy with two children involved. It's not easy [when everybody's watching every move she makes]; you can't be human. And the fact of the matter is I know plenty of 25-year-olds and 26-year-olds who are going out every night and [Britney's] not even going out every night! And for the last two years, she hasn't been able to do anything because she's had two kids within the past two years. So, you're talking about somebody who's 25 now who has not really left their house, really, and hasn't had any kind of freedom or liberties in the last two years. She's going through one of the most difficult processes in your life and that's a divorce. People are definitely shaking the finger at her going, "I can't believe you didn't wear underwear because da da da..." and I'm telling you right now she's not the only girl in the world [who doesn't wear underwear]. We've all made mistakes. If that is the worst mistake she makes, I think she's in good shape. ... She's given a lot of people in this world a reason to be happy with her music. She's made a lot of people happy, more than most people. She's already lived a fulfilling life. "


Anonymous said...

No one is saying she isn't sweet and nice. She's just stupid.

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