Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Prepared For Dreamgirls On Plane Flight

Passengers on the flight which Jennifer Hudson took to her final Dreamgirls audition were given an early taste of the Oscar nominee's talents - she performed on the trip.

The singer/actress knew she had one final shot at landing the dream role of Effie White in the hit movie musical after three previous auditions and used the flight to perfect her powerful And I'm Telling You ballad.

Hudson says, "They (producers) called at 3pm and had me on a plane by 7pm and they told me to make sure I knew And I'm Telling You inside and out.

"So I'm on the plane learning the song and I'm just singing with people looking, and I'm like, `I'm sorry, honey, but I gotta be Effie right now. I have to get this song together.' I had to get it down."

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