Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jim Carrey Hires A Body Double To Fool Paparazzi

New Line Cinema Presents the Premiere of "The Number 23"

Jim Carrey was thrilled when he fooled the paparazzi during a recent trip to Israel by hiring a body double to impersonate him.

The Bruce Almighty star wanted to enjoy the country's holy sites without media intrusion and developed a plan to trick the paparazzi.

He explains, "I've been wanting to go (to Israel) my whole life and I had so much fun there. I never got a picture taken of me the whole time I was there."

"We avoided the paparazzi. They can be insane when you're in these places of worship. I got a local guy who sort of looks like me as a body double, he's actually a shepherd."

"I hired him and checked him into the King David hotel where all the celebrities go. The whole nation of press went and hung out outside that hotel for four days waiting for me to go out and see the sites."

"So every night on television they were going, 'Jim Carrey is a boor. He doesn't go anywhere. He comes to Israel and he sits in his room and he orders hamburgers!'

"(Meanwhile) I was completely unmolested going around to all the wonderful holy sites. I was pretty happy about the whole thing!"

4 comments: said...

Good for him! I can't imagine living like that.

Miss Chi Chi said...

pure genius! i would do the same thing too!

Topsy said...

OMG that is awesome. i'm going to hire a body double and quit working (assuming he can make some serious cash).

Anonymous said...

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