Monday, February 19, 2007

Justin's Thoughts on Britney's Shaved Head

A day after the shocking news of Britney Spears shaving her head, we catch Justin Timberlake in West Hollywood. We asked him what his thoughts were on the situation.

One of our photographers asked him "Justin, did you hear about Britney shaving her head? What do you think about this?" He looked sort of sad or depressed once asked and as he was walking there was silence. After about 2 minutes of silence Justin said, "It was a smart choice, she is starting over, cleaning herself up. It was something you wouldn't expect most people to do, so she is taking a chance."

His face was sort of concerned looking. Then someone asked:
"Justin how do you think she looks? Many people are having rude comments about it." Justin said, "She looks amazing, very GI-Jane, she can pull off anything." We are guessing Justin knew about this long before we mentioned it. We are behind Britney, lets hope this is a new start for her. Justin on the other hand, we are glad he is supportive of Britney for a change.



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