Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kate Winslet Sues Magazine Over Diet Claims

Actress Kate Winslet is hauling a British magazine into court over claims she visited a US 'diet doctor' to slim down.

You go girl! So I'm guessing British Magazines are full of bogus? Seriously, how can you accuse Kate of something like that when she always brags about "perfection is not about being skinny." Besides I think Kate Winslet shape is just fine and she's doing an excellent job.

Speaking at last night's Bafta awards in London, Winslet confirmed she is suing the publication and insisted the fabricated story could set the wrong example to impressionable fans.

She said, "I'm very upset. It's categorically untrue, it's a complete lie."

Late last year Winslet spoke of her concern daughter Mia would grow up thinking America's size zero is the norm.

She said, "What I resent is that there is an image of perfection that is getting thinner and thinner."

"It's so damaging... and it frightens the life out of me."


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