Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kevin Federline Gets His Throat Slashed!

In celeb photographer Steven Klein's latest exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, Kevin Federline gets his throat slashed! I'm sure Steven knew how much people hated or hate kevin, so I'm sure alot of you are loving this especially Britney fans!

'It wasn’t a big deal for Federline to appear like this, says Klein nonchalantly. “It’s like a classical painting. The slash, the make-up, is a mask that reveals who the person is. For me, the break in the skin shows that all portraits are lies. To see through the skin is to see someone’s reality.” The violence of the picture is made more intriguing when you consider what happened to Federline next: dumped by Spears and fast-tracked to public enemy number one.'

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Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone hates him as much anymore, after the brit vagina slip