Sunday, February 11, 2007

Naomi Watts Pregnant or Not?

I'm not exactly sure whether Naomi is pregnant or not but I'm sure if she is the bump will show soon. In Touch reports Naomi and Liev are expecting their first child. The two had been dating for for two years.

A friend of Naomi's said: "This wasn't planned but they are thrilled. They will probably marry before the baby is born.

"She will make such a great mother."

So far, the couple have not confirmed the reports, although Naomi has made no secret of her desire to have children.

She recently said: "I wish it could have happened a little bit sooner. I have wanted a family since I was 19 - certainly to have children."

Naomi, who starred as Ann Darrow in the remake of 'King Kong', began dating 'Manchurian Candidate' star Liev in 2005.


lovely said...

only time can tell and I think they make a cute couple, pregnant or not the baby would be adorable!

Anonymous said...

I think is a publicity stunt I don’t see her getting pregnant like that with the careers she has it must be a fake and then they will adopt a baby just like tomkat.