Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nick Cannon Married Victoria's Secret Model Ebanks in Las Vegas has learned exclusively that Nick Cannon, 26, married Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, 24, in Las Vegas last weekend. Sources say the altar-rushers were staying at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel and enjoying NBA All-Star Weekend when they decided to wed on a whim after just three weeks of dating.

The couple began dating after meeting at Super Bowl weekend in Miami. Says the source, "The weird thing is when he and Kim Kardashian dated, he said he didn't believe in monogamy!" The singer and actor split from Kardashian in January.

Cannon and Ebanks are planning to hold a wedding reception party in L.A. this weekend, pals say.


miki said...

Kim must have broken his heart big time!

Anonymous said...

Umm I dont blame him for leaving that whore. Come on Kim K knew that tape wou;d get out

Anonymous said...

I just hope he got his prenup. papers right, because the person he married is not the same person he will be divorcing.

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