Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paris Hilton Smoking A Joint in The Car

Notice that on the side mirror, Paris green dress and blonde hair!

That slut never learns, Can someone just arrest her already? As a matter of fact, take her away from the media completely. Paris Hilton should be arrested for drug possesion and being a bad influence.


Fannee said...

At least she waves and doesn't flip the finger.

She's so happy she doesn't care.


Bob said...

Leave her alone. If she smokes, what difference does it make to anyone? She has no children to provide care for, she is young and just being a person. She isn't even on the drivers side.

I have never understood the mass mentality that makes criminals out of people concerning grass that a cow would chew. And especially you who say you believe in God. You act like He didn't know what He was doing, or that you know better than the Almighty. Get Real!

Anonymous said...

nobody cares.


Anonymous said...

oh and when i said burn up there, i meant it as to toward Paris..
meaning i'm giving her props
for tokin' up the dubey.

...not as in i totally just dissed your ass.

Anonymous said...

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