Friday, February 23, 2007

Remember When Jessica Alba Used to Be Really Hot

Rickard Shah's Limited Edition Icon Collection Launch Party
to Benefit "Keep A Child Alive" at Iconology

I was trying to find the latest pictures of Jessica Alba but these are the only ones I found. These pictures are from last month, I guess the media is no longer interested on her since she's in a long term relationship and not looking so sexy lately. Too bad!


cecil said...

Sniff, sniff. Can you smell that? It is "The Coffee". Obviously you have a cold (if not some form of vision impairment) Jessica Marie Alba is STILL so smokin' hot, that it pains most retinas to even bask in the glow that eminates from her.

ANY red-blooded straight man on the planet would still consider the loss of a body part for the opportunity to share time and space with her.

Is that a little over the top? But you get the point.

Go gettum Jessica!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are using those pictures to make an argument she is no longer hot... you are on crack and/or need glasses.
She's beautiful in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Um, sorry that Jessica's not wearing a bikini or a skin-tight jumpsuit in these pics...oh brother, duh she's still hott.