Friday, February 16, 2007

Tyra Banks Recreates Her Famous Sports Illustrated Cover

Retired supermodel Tyra Banks has recreated her famous Sports Illustrated cover shot 10 years after she wowed fans by becoming the first black model to appear solo in the magazine.

But Banks had to insist that more fabric was added to the skimpy red polka dot bikini she wore for the 1997 shoot - because she estimates she has put on 20 pounds since posing for the cover.

She says, "We had to add more fabric... I looked like a stripper... when I first put it on 'cos I'd gained weight, so it was not looking right. So we just made it more modest."

The historic photo flashback will feature on Banks' hit TV talk show next week.


Anonymous said...

Tyra.... Do your thing!.. you look hot and sexy. thank you for being such an honest and great role model!

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