Saturday, March 17, 2007

Carmen Electra Used To Hit Boys She Found Attractive

Carmen Electra who learnt ju-jitsu and karate as a child, used to attack boys she had crushes on to overcome her shyness.

Carmen said: "My brother was very good at karate and my mom has got a third degree black belt in ju-jitsu so I grew up learning how to defend myself.

"For some reason in school I would always take on boys. There were a lot of guys who got on the wrong side of me, because I had a crush on them - it was easier to beat them up than to tell them I thought they were hot."

Carmen, who is divorced from rocker Dave Navarro, admits her 'victims' were deceived by the girlie clothes her mother used to dress her in.

She added: "My mother would always put me in sweet little dresses and pigtails, but, if I needed to, I could kick some serious butt. My finishing move was to throw them over my shoulder. I can still do that today."

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