Thursday, March 22, 2007

Celebrity Drug Confessions Including Brangelina

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I'm not surprised that so many celebrities get hook on drugs, it is addictive after all and I admire those who overcome it. At the same time, I'm disappointed that tabloids would even publish this. It's not like it's a positive thing to expose those who used or uses drugs, and I believe it will influence others to try it. Especially since there are so many people facinated with celebrities including myself.


Diane said...

I agree, these kinds of topics should be kept hidden and private. These magazines are so public and just so out there, they definately have a big influence on today's society.

Anonymous said...

If any of these celebrities had a problem with the world hearing about their drug escapades, i'm sure they wouldn't have GIVEN these quotes to the media in the first place.

I say kudos to the lot of em.