Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Courteney Cox Pays 20 million For A Wrecked House

Courteney Cox has paid almost $20 million for a wrecked house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The actress, who has a passion for interior design and house renovation, jumped at the chance to buy the cliff-top estate because it's an amazing piece of land, with stunning views and total privacy.

One realtor tells American magazine In Touch, "This is an incredible piece of coastline, but the house is far from luxurious."

Cox and husband David Arquette's current Malibu, California home is on the market for $33.5 million, six years after she paid $10.2 million for it.

According to In Touch, the new cliff-top estate features five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two guesthouses, a hot tub and a beach cabana. That doesn't sound like a wreck to me!

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