Saturday, March 31, 2007

JLo Gets Singing Advise From Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez suffered from anxiety about her ability while recording a new, un-named track, until a crash course from her singing spouse restored her confidence.

She says, "The song I was about to record was a beautiful ballad. Marc just looked at me and he said, 'Jennifer, read the words, sing the words. Don't think about your voice, think about what you are singing.'"

The couple, meanwhile, claim their Hispanic roots help them to understand each other.

Lopez says, "My husband is from my culture, from my background and he totally understands me both emotionally and creatively. He is the first person to give me total confidence as an artist."


Anonymous said...

He's creepy.

linda said...

haha, iagwtc i think marc looks like a drug addict.

JLO does'tneed no singing lesson, she's already good