Friday, March 02, 2007

Mariah Carey Will Only Sell Her Apartment To Fashionable Applicants

Pop star Mariah Carey insists she will only sell her luxury Manhattan apartment to a fashionable "diva" because they would truly appreciate her opulent closets.

The New York City triplex was featured on the MTV home series Cribs and was specially designed to accommodate Carey's massive wardrobe.

She tells Hello! magazine, "I have four closets. There's one for lingerie, a shoe closet I designed with the architect Mario Buatta, and a pretty area for clothes with moving wardrobes and a bunch of shelves where I do fittings with stylists. The closets are a big part of my life, it sounds obsessive, but they are pretty fabulous."

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real estate guy said...

Does anyone know how she listed this with?