Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mischa Barton Promotes Keds Shoe

Keds: Nanette Lepore Collection

Here comes Mischa Barton's fake smiley faces! I'm glad Mischa gets to keep Keds since Bebe is dumping her for Eva Longoria but does she really have to make it seem so fake that she's getting paid to do this?


veronica said...

I dont know what people find attractive about hre, she can't act and i can fucking stand her teeth! she's disgusting and for a model she dresses like a bum

Anonymous said...

What was Bebe thinking when they fired her?

I guess she's too Innocent and not Slutty enough for them.

Anonymous said...

veronica, i think she is beautiful!

i love love love keds but they are really expensive for the type of shoe and there is no way i could afford them :(

bb said...

she's pretty on her own way, she's very photogenic but I agree with veronica, she cant act