Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nicole Richie Collapses Again on The Set of The Simple Life

Nicole Richie's health problems are slowing down production on "The Simple Life" and causing fresh tension with co-star Paris Hilton, according to an on-set source.

Richie "collapsed" on location in Malibu around 4 p.m. last Wednesday, says the snitch.

"She was taken to her trailer immediately," according to the insider. "But she came around, so the crew didn't call an ambulance. She spent the rest of the day in her trailer and left Paris to complete the day's filming."

Richie has long battled drug abuse and weight issues, and her troubles on the "Simple Life" season-five location have been ongoing. The source says "she has had trouble walking and speaking clearly" on the set.

Series co-creator Jon Murray, of Bunim/ Murray Productions, told us: "There were a couple times when [Nicole] felt a little woozy and she sat down for a moment, [but] we continued within five to 10 minutes.

He said she suffered "a dehydration thing" earlier in filming, but "she's been doing much better since then."

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