Friday, March 30, 2007

Paris Hilton Faces Jail Time

Prosecutors asked a judge on Thursday to revoke Paris Hilton's probation for reckless driving, which could lead to jail time for the celebrity socialite, the City Attorney's Office said.

A hearing has been set for April 17 for prosecutors to argue that Hilton, 26, violated the terms of her probation by knowingly driving with a suspended license, said Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for the city attorney, Rocky Delgadillo.

The hotel heiress and star of the reality TV show "The Simple Life" was sentenced to three years probation in January after pleading no contest -- the equivalent of a guilty plea -- to alcohol-related reckless driving.

Five weeks later, police pulled Hilton over again in the city of West Hollywood for driving without headlights and impounded her car, a $190,000 Bentley, when they discovered her license had been suspended, authorities said.

The case was then referred to the City Attorney's Office.

At the time, Hilton's spokesman, Elliot Mintz, said his client was not aware that her driving privileges had been curtailed. But prosecutors have since concluded otherwise.

"We are confident that we have sufficient evidence to prove that her license was suspended, and that she had knowledge of that suspension" Velasquez said.

If found to have breached the terms of her probation, Hilton could be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail, he added.

P.S - Please lock up this famous for nothing b*tch =) and shouldn't she go to jail for spreading herpes and use of drugs!


Anonymous said...

the simple life: behind bars! you know youd be tempted to watch that!

mary said...

Agreed, bitch should go to jail.

The people that hates Paris should make a fund called "Help Lock Up Paris Hilton"

jessica said...

It will work out ok for her. If you have seen recent pictures, you have noticed she is getting kind of fat.

She needs some time in jail, away from the junk food, where she has plenty of time for exercise.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's not LWOP

Anonymous said...

omg u lot am fukin twats she does not deserve to go to jail i am her biggest fan and i wud be devestated to see her go to jail i wish her all the best

Anonymous said...

I hope i get a big fan so that i can drunk drive on a suspended license twice and get a way with paying only a thousand dollar fine out of my hundreds of millions. Does she have to kill someone before she has to account for her actions?

Anonymous said...

oh karma.... best news ever

Anonymous said...

you know what i lover paris and i am her bigest fan so f the dude that said he was he is a poser i am going ot miss her oh and fuck you lil bitch that said she is getting fat

Anonymous said...

Little cow deserves to go to jail. She's a spoilt little slut who needs to be brought down to earth!!

Anonymous said...

i think she shold go to jail just because shes famous dosent mean shes bigger than the law even jesus got locked up and sentenced ot death