Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rihanna Shows Off Her Bob Hair

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

I think the bob hair looks fabulous on Rihanna, it matches her face. Although, I can't help but wonder how come the bob hair has been so popular with celebrities lately? Could it be because everyone is copying Posh? Maybe, Victoria Beckham is definitely a trend starter.


Emilie said...

I absolutely adore her new hairs!
It suits her! My best friend was looking for this bob hair, and now, she's gonna go to the hairdresser

By the way, your blog is great, I come here almost every day

Kisses from France

Anonymous said...

Actually, you know what? I think Posh really started the bob hair. After she was pictures with it ashlee simpson, eva longoria started wearing it.

And the bob hair looks good on Rihanna!

Anonymous said...

it looks really good on her!

AgentkoolMcCool said...

I love Rihanna, she's one of those celebrities that always seems to look good no matter what her hair-do is. Speaking of hair-dos, anybody catch this week's episode of Shear Genius on Bravo. They had Vanessa Williams as a judge and she was brutal on the hairstylist. Catch Shear Genius on Bravo every Wed 10/9C. I know this beacause i work for Shear Genius.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna has been inspired by Victoria Beckhams fabulousness, and its definitely better than shaving your head(poor brit brit). I work for Allure, all of us are currently obsessed with SHEAR GENUIS, ( Wed @ 10pm). Get inspired by the fabulous hair styles and creations, plus I'm sure everyone has been wondering where Jaclyn Smith has been. There's an awesome sweepstakes to win a glamorous makeover in NY!Check out this link!
No one wants to end up like Brit Brit, do they?

twista said...

it s nice but
it s always hard to see her with short hair
she has real nice hair that a lot of people were wishing to have

Anonymous said...

Fabilous Hair!
I'm going to hairdresser with this model! I all ready cut bob, but it didn't turn out what I back to another hairdresser to get better bob!
-loving bobs-

Anonymous said...

Hyaaaa .. i think rihannas bobs gawjuss... im going to get my hair cut tommorow and im gonna ask for rihannas bob bt with a thick side fringe and im dying my hair a blacky brown sooo hopefully it should luk nicee :] xx

Anonymous said...

dis shit is hot

MadScientist said...

I think this bob is so cute... I'm actually going for this style tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

its so cool i heart it me go wach rihanna 6th December mum got same hair cut

Anonymous said...

i luv this hair style im geting one like this or kelly clarksons old blonde one soon

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