Friday, March 23, 2007

Stand Up Comedian Accuses Birtney's Parents For Her Breakdown

Sandra Bernhard, a comedian that has been doing some scripts on Britney Spears, think her parents are to blame for her breakdown, because they pushed her into fame but neglected her when she was in trouble.

She says, "I've been doing pieces on Britney for quite a while now, and I find her kind of a touchstone in culture, and I have a great deal of empathy for her.

"I think she was basically co-opted by her parents at a very young age, forced into this business. And it's not completely her fault that she's flipping out.

"Having an eight-year-old kid myself, and knowing the vulnerability of a child and being thrown into that disgusting, slimy world of Disney. I mean, I can't think of a more horrible thing to do to your child."
I totally disagree; she is a grown woman now. It's not like she still 18. You shouldn't have to have your parents bail you out when you already have your own family with children. That's no excuse to toss your children around like rag dolls and become a complete junkie.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Sandra Berhnhard. You cannot compare Britney Spears' experiences with a normal life, or normal development. Besides, due to many factors, I don't think people are truly 'adult' in this culture until around 30. I also agree her parents betrayed her in many ways; when she needed them, and in the selling of her innocence. Mommy lives in a big mansion now thanks to her shrewd ruthless shilling of her girl.

Kusandra said...

Yes, Sandra is correct. This young woman was clearly reaching out for unconditional love in her rush to marriage and children.

She was turned into a sex object before she could understand the implications. She is still too young to understand this. I love Disneyland but I am disgusted with it being a mill for turning our underage sex objects then abandoning them to their greedy parents. Is it a coincidence that Britney, Lindsey, Christina and others are having these problems in their late teens and early 20s? Christina seems to be lucky in comparison. She may have a more stable family.

These women are beautiful and truly talented. I don't like most of their product but it isn't just engineering.