Monday, April 23, 2007

Easy Findings

  1. Paris & Nicky Hilton Hangs Out With Kfed (NudeSack)
  2. Britney's Wearing Fur, Where's PETA? (POTP)
  3. Jessica Alba & Cash Partying Late Last Night (CelebPuke)
  4. Chris Rock Baby Mama Is A Fraud (JuicyNews)
  5. Evangeline Lilly Paradae Magazine Photos (HWBackwash)
  6. Milla Jovovich is Engaged & Expecting A Baby (Hollyscoop)
  7. Mischa Barton Wearing Urine Colored Dress (DerekHail)
  8. Spiderman 3 Most Expensive Movie Ever Made (GoneHW)
  9. Keira Knightley Feels Lucky She Did A Sex Scene (PopFix)
  10. Suri Cruise Went To Her First Birthday Party (AllieisWired)

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