Monday, April 02, 2007

For All of Britney Spears Loyal Fans

Here is the biography of Britney Spears that I think you guys will find interesting. I found most of the facts are quite a shocker so it's most likely you never heard of them, if you had then you must be one crazy Britney fanatic. Enjoy!

-Justin told his Grandfather that he was going to "marry that girl one day" about Britney while walking home from the Mickey Mouse Club one afternoon.

-Britney's first kiss happened with Reg Jones' after she failed her learner's permit test and he sent her roses to say sorry she hadn't passed. They went to a pool party that evening and she gave him a full on liplock to thank him for the flowers.

- Britney and Reg had wanted to get married while they were dating but Britney was only 15 so it never happened.

- Britney actually went to school in McComb, Mississippi.

- When Britney had offered a donation to Parklane Academy once she got famous, they declined the offer because they are a highly religious bunch and her skanking about was frowned upon.

- Her school was all white students, although it wasn't that colored students weren't "allowed", there just never was any.

- Britney and Christina Aguilera were only friends in the Mickey Mouse Club because they were the youngest girls there. Britney could dance but Christina could sing. They would rub off on one another but Christina was always the little diva wanting to outshine Britney. After MMC got cancelled, so did Christina and Britney's friendship. They didn't stay in contact, which is why now they aren't buddy buddy...they never really were.

-Britney's specialty is waffles.

-Britney has been smoking since she was 15. Her mom used to get so mad when she caught her because she wanted her daughter to have a big singing career and smoking would cancel that out.

-Lynne was called to Parklane Academy one day because Britney and her friends were caught smoking in the girls room.

-One time, Lynne was so pissed at Britney for smoking while they were in the car, that she made Britney take her hand off the wheel so she could smell to see if Britney had been smoking, the car spun out of control and they ended up in a ditch. Britney hadn't even been smoking.

- Lynne didn't want Britney wasting her talent away by settling with Reg so young in her life, so they used to have huge arguments about him.

-While as a teenager, she had all the men in her life wrapped around her finger.

-Britney wanted to quit after the MMC to lead a normal life, her Mother forced her otherwise.

-Before going to New York to start her first album, she had to get enrolled in a programme with the University of Nebraska to be homeschooled. She barely passed the entering exam, which she said was so hard. Then she would start her assignments, which she would then ship to Reg to finish in Kentwood and he would send them back to New York completed for her. She would claim that she was too busy to get all the work done.
-Lynn Harless, Justin Timberlake's Mom, was suggested by Lou Pearlman to try her hand at Managing. She decided to make America's answer to the Spice Girls: Innosense. The first member was Nikki DeLoach, former mouseketeer and JC Chasez's girlfriend at the time. Britney was Nikki and Lynn's next choice as to who should join the band, so Britney flew up to Memphis where she became part of the group.

-Although it had been nice to see Justin again, he was dating a girl named Veronica Finn and she was still with Reg Jones.

-The day before Britney was supposed to fly back to Memphis to sign the deal to make her an official member of Innosense, her Father called Lynn Harless and told her that he didn't want Britney in a girl group because she would make it better as a solo artist. Which was all for the best because if Britney had joined Innosense, her career would've been pretty much over. Justin's girlfriend, Veronica, took her place.

- Baby, one more time was originally written for TLC but they were on a hiatus when it was written, so it was handed over to Britney.

- While she was in New York, Britney smoked dope for the first time while on a night out at a club with a girlfriend who had brought it with her.

- Reg was supposed to be her love interest in the Baby one more time video but due to an arguement they had, she cast her cousin who was a abercrombie and fitch model instead.

- It was due to Felicia Cullotta, Britney's guardian turned publicist on the road that Britney and Reg ended up breaking up. Felicia had begun phasing him out of her life since day one of her recording in New York. She would say negative things about Reg in Britney's ear with him in the room and she was someone Britney looked up to, so Britney agreed with a lot of what she said.

- Justin was only fourteen when he and his first girlfriend, Danielle Ditto made love for the first time.

- Reg Jones believes that Justin is the sole reason for the break up he had with Britney.

- When asked by MTV early in their relationship if Britney and Justin were dating, Britney said: "It's not true, N'sync are like big brothers to me. I guess they assume that because we were on the Mickey Mouse Club together." Justin joked: "I am actually dating Britney.We've been together for seven years. I'm dating her and two of her dancers."

-Anson Mount was relunctant to take on the role of Ben in Crossroads but Robert DeNiro who was filming another movie with Anson at the time, talked him into it and even practised Anson's lines with him reading Britney's character. He said to be a closet Britney fan.

-Britney doesn't like the song Bombastic Love from her "Britney" album. The lyrics were too lame. - Which I agree. That song sucks.

-People magazine is the only place to find extremely truthful stories about Britney.

-Justin's song "Never again" is about Britney, so is "Cry me a river". "What goes around comes around" is not.

-Justin admitted on a radio show that he gave Britney oral.

- Britney and Justin were on a "break" when Britney hooked up with Wade Robson.

- After the breakup with Justin, the press thought that she was having a breakdown by partying, drinking, and so on...sound familiar?


Jenn said...

Hehe, that's so cute. What Jt told his dad about marrying Britney.

Anonymous said...

i miss the old britney.

britney and justin were like the perfect couple =/

too bad, britney is trash now

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gosh, she hooked up with Wade Robson when they were on a BREAK?! If that's true, wasn't Justin just a bit too hard on Brit? I loved them together - wish they'd get back but they are both different now (esp. Britney)

Anonymous said...

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