Saturday, April 14, 2007

James Franco's Nightmare Kiss With Sienna Miller

Spider-Man villain James Franco has laughed off reports his love scene with Camille co-star Sienna Miller was a dream come true, insisting the British beauty's toothache made filming it a nightmare.

Franco admits filming the scene was far from enjoyable and had to be cut short when his co-star complained.

He says, "I think we kissed once in that film and it wasn't at all intense - there was no rolling around or anything. Sienna's molar was giving her pain so she called the dentist!"


Dianna said...

And this is news?!? HA!
Maybe it's a ploy to get people to stop saying that these 2 were having an affair. Hmmmmmmm.......
They were working together on a movie! I personally don't want to believe they were having an affair.
There's something about that girl I just don't like. I saw her in the movie CASANOVA & she was alright but pretty non-descript, if you ask me.
Oh well - I'm a Franco Fan myself!

- Dianna

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Anonymous said...

I'm James' cousin Sophie. He's a really nice guy and i got to go with to the premiere of Spidey 3. Everyone loves him. I can't give out his email though because he wants people to send the fan mail at a separate address. Girls- he does have a brilliant smile. :]]

Anonymous said...

^ liar

Chus said...

This is what I think: James Franco

Anonymous said...

Check out the trailer for James' and Sienna's new film "Camille"