Friday, April 20, 2007

Jennifer Lopez's Million Follar Russian Performance

Jennifer Lopez has been paid a staggering £1 million by a Russian billionaire to perform at a private concert.

Andrei Melnichenko has asked the Latin star to put on a 40-minute show at his wife Aleksandra's 30th birthday party tomorrow night (21.04.07).

Melnichenko is paying £600,000 for the performance and a further £400,000 to fly J.Lo's entourage from the US to Britain where the party will take place.

The bash will take place in the Berkshire countryside although J.Lo and her entourage will stay in a top London hotel which is included in the £400,000 payment.

A source close to the singer said: "Andrei and Aleksandra are huge fans of J.Lo and were thrilled when she agreed to sing for them. It will be an unusual audience for J.Lo, as the bash will be packed with billionaires."

The party, which will take place in a marquee decorated like a plush nightclub, will be an extravagant occasion, with the all-day event including a cabaret and circus act.

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