Friday, April 27, 2007

Joel Madden's Heroin Substitute

Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden has confessed he is tempted to take heroin.

The rocker - who is dating reformed heroin addict Nicole Richie - relies on cigarettes to satisfy his craving for the highly addictive Class A drug.

Joel told Blender magazine: "Without cigarettes, I would be doing heroin, probably, on a daily basis."

Nicole - the 25-year-old adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie - battled a heroin addiction as a teenager and entered rehab after she was charged with possession of the drug in February 2003.

She is currently facing a charge of Driving Under the Influence of drugs after she was stopped by police for driving on the wrong side of a California highway after leaving Joel's house.


Anonymous said...

You need to smarten up Joel. Do the right thing cause some people might choose to not like you if you don't smarten up.

thejunkyswife said...

I hope they both get it together. It's sad watching folks self destruct.


hey joel,

you are so kick-ass but i am sad to see u doing things that will destruct ur own life...

Straighten up man...

Dun disappoint mega fan like meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Even if I know he will ¸NEVER read this, I'd like for Joel (who seems like a sweet guy) to know that heroin is NO JOKE !!! My best friend DIED from o-d after using that shit for only 5 DAYS !!! Her baby sister found her lying DEAD in her bed and was traumatised FOR life ! It's been 12 years since my friend died from heroin and im STILL thinking about her and sad cause I miss talking to her, having fun with her, having her to help me out with my love problems like I did with her, I miss her smile and everything she was that made her SO special... It's making me sick to see really great people (popular or not) destroy their lives and making a mess of the lives of those who WHATCH THEM DIE !!! NO it's NOT only YOUR life !!! There are people around you who cares, love, fear and try SO f/$%?&* hard to help you !!!!Look around damn it !

ps: sorry to sound so harsh about it but it's really making me sad (and sorry for my poor english, im a french canadian so... what can u do about it ? lol)