Monday, April 09, 2007

Kate Moss Admits She is Difficult To Work With

The supermodel, who is designing a range for high street chain Topshop, has revealed she is a perfectionist and always speaks her mind.

She said: "Topshop haven't said no to anything I wanted to do. I've said, 'This isn't good enough', or 'This fabric doesn't feel right, it's too stiff', or 'This leather is too shiny, it needs to be more matt' and they have done it."

The 33-year-old says she isn't a natural fashion designer, but agreed to work with Topshop because she was fed up of people copying her style.

She said: "I can't sketch and I can't make clothes. I think they kind of copy me sometimes. I mean, I'm sure they do it with a lot of people, but I do notice with me, they do it so quickly and they do it so well. So I said, 'I could give you my stamp, and you could get I direct.' I can't wait to see people wearing it."

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Anonymous said...

She's not difficult, just direct.

So glad a model is taking control of her own image.