Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lindsay Lohan And Keira Knightley In Screen Threesome

Hollywood actresses Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley will set screens alight when they film a steamy threesome for their new movie Best Time Of Our Lives, according to reports.

The film, about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, will see Lohan portray Thomas' wife Caitlin MacNamara, while Knightley will star as the poet's childhood friend, Vera Phillips.

And lead actor Matthew Rhys has tantalised male fans by hinting at a "menage a trois" involving the two beauties.

He says, "There will be a bit of a menage a trois scene going on. I hope I'm up for it!"


Anonymous said...

OMG Such a bad IDEA. Lohan needs to go away I would NEVER PAY MONEY to see that slut in any movie or anything else. I have daughters and would't want them NEAR HER. I think Porno would suit her best.

sammy said...

lilo's face is starting to get disgusting

Anonymous said...

I think it is BS that Keira is pissed, maybe she is pretending to be for PR purposes. Believe me, this movie is way better off without Li Lo. It would have been a huge mistake to cast her and the production company knows it which is why they "couldn't" come to terms with Lindsay's terms. If they had really wanted her, they would have gotten her. They deemed her as being undesireable for the part and offered her a way out to spin as though she quit instead of getting the axe. Li Lo is probably just nervous about sharing the screen with an actress like Keira who is actually GOOD. She would be outshined and upstaged and she knows it and can't have that. This is why she headlines films with actors that are either old and washed up or are no-names. This way she can be "the star". She is white trash, plain and simple.