Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Can't Be Clean and Sober For Hippy

The newly rehabbed Lindsay Lohan says she's enjoying sobrietyoff-camera, at least. As for her on-screen life, the actress tells EW she can't wait to delve into the drug-addled world director Chris Siverston is creating for his next movie, which is currently titled Hippy. Although the project is still in its embryonic stage, Lohan had such a great experience working with the director on the upcoming movie I Know Who Killed Me, she's already set to take another trip with him.

''I have so much faith in [Siverston], just as a person, and I just love working with him,'' Lohan told EW. ''I love him [so much] as a person, that while we were on set, I was like, 'Let's make a deal right now.'''

Details on the movie's plot are scant at this point, but Lohan basically describes it as being about a group of kids taking a cross-country trip when one of them drops acid, goes crazy, ''and starts, like, killing people.''

Lohan says that Hippy will reunite her and Siverston with Marc Senter, who is starring alongside Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me and previously starred in Siverston's 2005 horror drama, The Lost. ''The Lost is such a good film,'' Lohan says. ''That was the one that I first saw before working with [Siverston]. I think Chris is going to be huge. I have no doubt in my mind about that.''

Could this Lohan/Siverston/Senter connection be a new Scorsese-like Hollywood clique in the making?

''I'm all for it,'' Lohan laughs. ''Not that I wouldn't love to work with Scorsese also.''

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Maybe the acid-dropping hippy will, like, kill Blohan?

Anonymous said...

shes perfect for that role, i can see her snorting and smoking weed

mika said...

yup yup perfect role for a slut