Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's 5 Guys in Less Than A Week

Oh, Lindsay Lohan is totally hardcore! Seeing five guys in a week, come on who does that? I guess no one can stop this girl from partying and boning whoever she wants, old or young, I don't think she has any preferences.


Anonymous said...

ewww, greasy bandon david

your kidding, he's disgusting

mor elike an animal than a man

barbie said...

shes such a slut and what with her face? shes starting to looks more like her mother everyday

sarah said...

isn't ryan phillippe a little out of her league? I mean reese compare to her? I can't even begin to do that

Anonymous said...

Over at www.topicbuzz.com my friend Darren says she is even worse then Lil Kim as far as sleeping around goes. She is too!

Anonymous said...

That one girl that be ugly. That fo sho! Hey, what up ya'll?

I go to www.topicbuzz.com and it take me to www.talkcafe.net

Look like they makin improvments over there. Gotta whole thing now on Movie and TV stars. Um-hmmm


Anonymous said...

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