Monday, April 23, 2007

Paris Hilton Gets Close With Kevin Federline

Jason Strauss Celebrates His Birthday at TAO Nightclub
at The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort

Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline got friendly while partying together in Las Vegas.

The hotel heiress and Kevin, the estranged husband of Paris' one-time friend Britney Spears', were spotted "flirting" on Tao nightclub's dancefloor on Friday (20.04.07).

A source said: "They were both dancing and seemed very wrapped up in each other.

"It didn't look as though either of them were thinking too much about Britney."


Anonymous said...

they looks perfect together.

fugs, famous for nothing and goldiggers!

Anonymous said...

yeah !! perfect .. both of them .. cuz both r animals .. so .. yeah they can get together n stuff ,, Go to hill Kev & paris ... Britney we love u .. don't care about those Fuckers hun ;**