Monday, April 16, 2007

Paris Hilton's Life & Career Should Be Over Soon

Paris Hilton says her "life will be over" if she goes to jail, it has been reported.

Paris, who faces up to 90 days in prison if found guilty of violating her DUI probation, has told friends that "doing time" could ruin her career.

A source told Britain's More magazine: "Paris says if she goes to jail, even for just a day, her life will be over.

"She knows she'll lose a lot of work if she gets a reputation as someone who has done time. Her whole career is based on her image and maintaining a fan base - she has nothing else to rely on. She's petrified.

"She's the butt of quite a few jokes in Los Angeles these days and she hates it. She's been crying a lot, especially when she's been drinking, and is scared that her life is falling apart."

The 26-year-old party-lover's image has already been affected by the charges.

The source added: "She's missed two club appearances in the past couple of weeks. People in the industry are taking her less seriously and she doesn't feel like she's Hollywood's Golden Girl any more.

"She's more alone than ever before right now and this could be one situation she can't charm her way out of."

It seems to me like Paris Hilton is using publicity to try and get out of this one...too bad, she doesn't have a career and already has a bad reputation so LOCK HER UP ALREADY!


Anonymous said...

okay, so when she says her "career" will be over, im assuming it's the one where she sleeps and spreads her herpeness...i mean happiness around, right?

Anonymous said...

well Paris you will get more then 90 days lady you killed a 43 year old father of three and after checking out at 4.2 of liquior content then the drugs well guess you forgot to mention that and how dare you share this act as if its just another action by miss stevens,and richard garcia people for the truth check Alpena,Mi. news

Anonymous said...

Hey forgot to mention a group from around the country will make sure you do everyday of 15 years or more so if you hired a lawyer and made you a promise well you should have fired him for the DEA will be making a visit soon with some questions of traveling to northern Ohio.something to the effect family ties....

Anonymous said...

omg you know her miss porn queen and lady licker special advertising for some major companys wait untill this shows on line campbell soup and others oops serry!

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton does nothing but damage everything and everyone around her. Why should she only have to serve 90 days in jail when someone else would serve years if not life. What good does she bring to the community ? Lets face it. If mommy and daddy did not have money know one would even know who she is. She is not talented and there are a lot of other woman out there that are much better looking. Bottom line is she deserves to go to jail for a lot longer than 90 days.

kathlyn said...

i think only stupid people watch the simple life, seriously though who would want to watch rich girls complaining and bragging about everyday life??!!