Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Shocked By Racism

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is shocked and saddened by the racism that still exists in the world.

The Lost In Translation star is disappointed to discover prejudice wherever she travels.

She says, "People are still so racist. It amazed me - all over the world, not just here. I wonder if people are born with prejudice and we have to overcome it. Or is it, we're born without it and it's a learned thing?" (source)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she as a white person has the guts to talk about it as yes people especially white people are very racist.

Dave said...

You have to be kidding! Are you from another planet? Blacks are the most racist people on earth bar none. Every black miss teen, miss America and all the other exclusive, blacks only affairs are proof of that. Talk about your hypocrites. Read the papers and watch the news and you can sensibly piece it together!

Anonymous said...

first of all dave, every source of media is pratical all white. So what is the big deal if blacks have alternative sources as well?

Anonymous said...

This is a different anonymous than comment #1.

Black people are soooo racist. And they are always accusing white people of being racist for the dumbest things.
i.e.-some black girl got voted off of american idol a few seasons ago, and all of these comments where coming up on Fox's website about "Racist America" When about four white people had been voted off previously on the season, without ANY white people bitching about america favoring blacks.

I am SO sick of of so many stupid acceptions blacks get, just cuz they are black, and I am SO sick of Black people STILL not being happy with whites being happy.

Anonymous said...

this makes me love Scarlett even more, she finally stopped talking about her boobs.

BTW, i think black people truly are a bit racist.

Anonymous said...

No matter what every race is a bit racist.

Anonymous said...

'especially white people are very racist.'

Well that is a racist thing to say too. Not very single white person is racist, accusing every single white person of racism is racist. And not everyone is racist.

'Black people are soooo racist.'

And so are you and Dave. Lumping every single member of a 'race', whether white, black, yellow, brown, green or whatever, is a racist way of thinking.

So you are just as racist as the black people who say that all whites are racist.

There is nothing funnier than a racist who complains of racism, oh the irony!

'BTW, i think black people truly are a bit racist.'

Black people are individuals, just like white etc, people. There are racist blacks, just like there are racist whites, latinos, asians etc.

Lumping all people from a single 'race' together however is a racist way of thinking, whether the person doing it is white or a minority. So you truly are racist, and not just a little bit, for saying that all blacks are racist.

'No matter what every race is a bit racist.'

Typical excuse used by racists to justify their own shortcomings! You should read up on genetics, you'd learn that there is no scientific basis for dividing humanity into different races...