Monday, April 02, 2007

Timbaland Called Scott Storch A Bitch

Hip-Hop artist Timbaland left no doubt who inspired his combative song, "Give It to Me," at club Marquee the other night, when he announced to the shocked crowd, "Scott Storch is a bitch!"

Scott Storch, 32, the record producer who has worked with Beyoncé, 50 Cent and Jessica Simpson, used to be friends with Timbaland, 36. But they had a falling-out. Timbaland's "Give It to Me," featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, contains lyrics that were thought to refer to Storch:

"I get a half a mil for my beats/You get a couple grand. Never gonna see the day that I ain't got the upper hand. I'm respected from Californ-i-a way down to Japan. I'm a real producer and you just a piano man."

Timbaland's reps repeatedly claimed the song was not about anyone particular in the industry, but he made liars of them when he jumped on Marquee's turntable last week.

Celebrating after his concert with Timberlake at the Meadowlands, Timbaland was given a microphone and started improvising, clubgoers told Page Six. Rapping along to his lyrics, Timbaland yelled, "Scott Storch, I'm a real producer and you just a piano man."

The crowd was "shocked," said our spies. "But when he called Storch 'a bitch,' that pretty much cleared up any confusion over who that song is about."


Anonymous said...

Scott only works with B-List artist

Timbaland works with the A-List!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's a good line:

piano man

Anonymous said...

scott is trying to come out hard with his diss song fucking studio gangster. aye, wheres that prank call where homeboy pulled his card and made him look bitch talking about suing. you aint no gangsta scott storch ya lil bitch.

Anonymous said...

Scott Storch is a king , is the boss , his productions are what all best rappers love and respect , from Fat Joe to 50 Cent ...even Tupac and Dre!!
I meen the only bicth that close in the affair is the mothefuck'a timbaland is hole furtado and his.. i even can't find a name to this thing that call himself an artist and i am talking of course about timberlake THE TIMBELS FAMILY!!! They even not close to what we callin' : TALENT!!!
Nox right whant he said Timbaland even can't make his own fucking beat this fat ass . It's a question of time that this idiot of Timbaland will crash so deep he won't be able to face over the mic again ("""beat"""")
Scott Storch RULE !!!!! motherfuckers that got problems on that then fuck u all!! Jealous of an Empire a KKINNGG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now u callin 50 cent, Beyonce, Dre, Tupac , Gween Stefani , Fat joe, Nox, Eve, Alicia key etc...a "B List"???

Anonymous said...

come on man, look at dis lil white boy tryna make beats and shit, i mean shit look at dis nigga he prolly got other niggas makin his beats and payin em to not tell no one, this troll lookin white boy is at the bottom of the list and Timbaland is on my A-List, enough said ya digg

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